Scandinavian Garden Rooms market a range of micro houses and garden rooms for a variety of uses. All production takes place in Sweden using timber from the Swedish forests. All kits come with with ready-made wall sections and are delivered in packages direct to the customer.


Just a few from our range... with various models that can be used as a home office, guest room, gym, playroom or studio.

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With Scandinavian Garden Rooms you will find a large assortment of both micro houses and garden rooms. Building a micro house/garden room is perfect because it has many uses. You can use it as a guest house, sauna, conservatory, office, studio or just as a storage room.

Several of the micro houses have an extra front door so that you can build a tool shed or garden storage room in one part and use the other part for other things. It can of course also be built as a guest room, office or hobby room. The smaller storage rooms are excellent to have as a garden storage room or tool shed.

Latest News and Designs

Get the latest news from Scandinavian Garden Rooms. All structures come with opening glass sections that give light and space to the house, while creating a sense of integration with the patio and garden. An extra room in the garden for summer guests and parties. [Read more]

Tips and ideas for Use

Our micro houses and garden room sketches reveal how relatively simple it can be to change our rooms into something suitable for a variety of uses, either for personal use or business use. Building a micro house or garden room is both convenient and easy. No room to have a sauna in the house?... No problem... [Read more]

Colours and Inspiration

Our micro houses and garden rooms are delivered unpainted, so check with your paint shop how best to take care of the wooden fa├žade. Keep in mind that it should fit into your environment and with the surroundings when choosing a colour. How to color and highlight different details can make a big difference... [Read more]